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I also teach Lal Kitab Astrology through my video tutorials. I give you the real insights of your horoscope.


I talk about planetary placements in each individual chart of the person. I have made videos on planets through houses, planets through signs and talking about each astrological ascendant. If you need your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly forecast, you need to go to 1 on 1 consultation with me because the general description will not apply to you based on your individual horoscope. Rahul Kheterpal 30 December at Priya Roy 23 February at Divya Gupta 8 March at Unknown 8 May at Pinky 8 May at Bahvya 23 May at Pandit Rk shastri 28 May at Natalia Babby 10 June at Pandit Rk shastri 13 June at Puneet Prinja 15 June at Puneet Prinja 16 June at Nishi K 20 June at Ishita 29 June at Siman Sau 25 July at Yuvi 10 August at Ria Arora 30 July at Love marriage specialist pandit 3 August at Pt Mk Sharma 3 August at Vashikaran In Delhi 3 August at IndianVedicAstrology 10 August at Kavita Kavita 12 August at Yuvi 13 August at Pandit Rk shastri 26 August at Bahvya 19 September at Rk Swami 2 September at Ravikant Shastri 2 September at Pandit Vasudev 4 October at Yuvi 5 October at Bahvya 9 October at Maulana Ashfaq khan 7 October at Jeeya John 25 October at Raees 29 October at Asraful Alam 2 November at Twinkle kakar 23 November at Pandit Rk shastri 27 October at Pandit Rk shastri 1 November at Prathana das 1 November at Pandith Raghavendra 3 November at Unknown 9 November at Bahvya 18 November at Pandith Raghavendra 8 December at Pandit Rk shastri 24 December at Pankaj Kumar 25 December at Racoba Sly 5 January at Pandit Rk shastri 11 January at Pandit Rk shastri 15 January at Karan Luthra 30 January at Dev Kumar 3 February at Pandit Rk shastri 6 February at Pandit Rk shastri 9 February at Unknown 22 February at Load more Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Resolve this Complaint. Is there any true vashikaran specialist? I know a true vashikaran specialist can never be found online or having a website. I know these people are sages and dont have any monetary motive behind helping us. They help us because we have faith in them.

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Please suggest if anyone knows such saints. He started with us than kept on asking more and until i spent us, I didn't get any results, he asked for another us insisting than only I can see the results in completion. I stopped because it was obvious he was a fake astrologist calling himself swami ji. I have got him under investigation as he ripped me off promising he will fix things for me and did nothing but only demanded money.

Told me to call him everyday since he started my job and every 2 days he gave me some negative outcome demanding the money. Everyone be alert, I found him on website, only contacted him as it mentions problem solved in 72 hours but that's wrong, nothing gets resolved ever but you only loose your hard earned money. Jo bhi likha hai vo sahi ha per sawal ye hai ki kya in dongi logo ko saja milti hai, Meri complain hai inke against ye jyut bolte hai, ha hum jante hai ki humme in baato me trust karne ke salah nahi di jati, per jab insan bhut kamjo padr jata hai to vo ye rasta apnata hai or ese dongi log unke emotion ka fyeda utha kr unhe lutte hai main ye nahi khungi ke esa kuch nahi hota, kuch sache log bhi hote hai jo jan kalyan k liye apni sadhna or sakti ka usse krte hai per vo kuch hi hote hai, leken jayedatar log fake hote hai or unke khilaf koi na koi hard action to hona hi chahiye taki vo esa galt harkat krne se bache.

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Srivastava running grahonkichaya yolasite. He is another dhongi who kept asking for money every 2 days i called up for my work. He made big promises to do nothing. Beware of such frauds and stay away from them so that you do not lose your hard earned money!! The biggest fraud pandit ajay shastri resident house sec 23 c chandigarh!! Mobile number Have faith on god no one can show you the magic that he can!!

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Without his permission even a leaf cannot fall, so what can these things do!! Try it :!

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Hii Guys, I saw last complaint for vkshastri. Actully one vkshastri lived in delhi and he solved my problem and not take any rupee I don't know who is another vkshastri I know a real and genius pandit ji but not easy Approach he is very busy man. His name is Munna Pandit. He lives in dehradoon. I really respect him from the deep of my heart. He will not have tej on his face like real saints Have They will keep on asking 4 money. Just believe in God.

Reply 1 year agoManju March 17, I called this lady astrologer for solution but this is man. He uses voice changer phone.

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He is fraud. Took for my husband problem solution. But he did nothing and asking for more People beware he is a big cheater. He is not lady astrologer.

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  6. About just two years after my marriage, I had started facing some familial problems caused by my husband and in-laws. They all were trying to bring me under their strict control unfairly, disregarding and suppressing my honest and right desires and personal liberties. I had heard the name and fame of astrologer Rk Bangali Ji, so I decided to meet him and request for some solutions for my problem.

    After seeing my birth chart and palms, and pondering over my problem, he suggested me to wear a Hessonite Garnet and chant regularly the given mantra. These both had really made wonder! Just around 15 days after, my husband and in-laws were changing gradually to good and mild ones, and about six months later, they all had become sensible and supportive to my opinions and suggestions. I thankful to Rk Bangali Ji again, and wish him a great career and glorious life!

    You have really paved the way for restoring harmony and concord with my partner!! Since meeting you, the relationship with my partner has constantly been improving, and I hope that we are progressing fast towards total compatibility with each other. At last, I wish you an immensely successful and magnificent career! Then, I was a frustrated owner of a losing and bleak business in exports, confronted with regular recessions and financial losses.

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    4. I was compelled to mortgage even my house, to stabilize my business. Seeing no ray of hope, then I decided to avail business astrology services of world-famous astrologer of India, Rk Bangali Ji.


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      To rehabilitate me and my business, he gave me two gemstones namely, a Pearl and an Emerald after analyzing my birth chart. Soon after receiving his services, my situation had started improving. Today, I am in a better position and status in business of exports from Gujarat, with immense peace of mind.