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Cookies Tapatalk. Mayan Astrology Mar 27, 1. Mayan astrology is a variation of Mesoamerican astrology, one of the most forward-thinking kinds of astrology of its time. Discover yours here:.

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Thanks x 1. Mar 27, 2. Mine is flower, smh. Why can't I be a storm?! Mar 27, 3. I am the eagle.

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Mar 27, 4. Im a vulture. Wisdom and Warrior.

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Mar 27, 5. I'm a damn dog!!!! Mar 27, 6. Lizard in the houseeee!

Thanks x 2. Mar 27, 7. I am the Wind, cool breeze.

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Mar 27, 8. Mar 27, 9. Innovative and Aesthetic. Mar 27, My Result Was: Wind. Wind baby! I am an eagle Your Trecana Sign also has an impact on your Day Sign.

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You are very successful in expressing yourself. Your presence brings about more communication, more expression, more action and stirring up of things. Feeling the core of vibrations make you a rhythmic being in our universe. Due to your personality, you are a very cheerful, active, light-filled and vivacious person. Dance is a great way to express yourself [ Lack social skills but well-intentioned. Stubborn and uncompromising. You are gentle, well-intentioned and generous.

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You are also courageous, intelligent and have a strong self-confidence. This day sign is also called Ancestors, by the Mayas.

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Therefore your path for receiving guidance from your ancestors is open. You reflect the purity and brightness of the Light. You are imaginative and have strong inner ideals. You are stubborn in your efforts to manifest your dreams [ These types of vocations show the inner connection with a higher power. You have the capacity to be an athlete, a hero or a wise visionary that leads people.

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You can be an artist or an artisan in one or more fields. If you are more of an intellectual type, you can find beauty in numbers, math, science, and philosophy [ Your expectations are often unrealistic from the beginning. You may have unrealistic expectations from others and from yourself as well.

You may not forgive people's mistakes and be easily offended.

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Simplify your life, accept the world as it is and get rid of high expectations. You will raise with unconditional love and shine again [ It is also about reaching a goal and all the challenges coming in between you and the goal you want to reach. This means you will be tested very often in your quest, about what you want to achieve in your life. There will be always challenges on your way, but be confident in yourself. You have the means to overcome these challenges [ Remedy: Keeping life simple. Appropriate professions: Author, actor, economist, lawyer, farmer, scientist, hunter, artist [ Skip to content.

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