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Sign any legal documents given to you early in the month, for you need to avoid this new moon on October Your ruler Mercury will go retrograde on October 31 until November 20, and you will likely feel the slowdown effects of Mercury in retrograde. If you want to buy a new electronic item, whether a new Apple smartphone or laptop, or a car, kitchen appliance, or a new TV, shop as early in the month as possible.

Delay shopping for these things until early December if you cannot buy them in early to mid-October. I realize a lot has been written about the negative effects of Mercury retrograde, but there are good events that happen, too. You will have a chance to go back to projects you had put aside and to give them a second look.

November might be the right time to reintroduce them, secure funding, and go forward. If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, I wrote an essay that many readers have read, and you might like it. At the same time, Saturn is saying, not so fast—think! Be cautious, as it can be frustrating to have such opposite feelings. This is especially true because Mercury will be retrograde, a time when your judgment could be off, and to compensate, you might be tempted to be overly analytical, which only works against encouraging feelings of love to grow and for both parties to feel confident about the future.

As you can see, that would be the wrong approach.

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If you base your decisions on tried-and-true qualifiers, they will no longer work. Dear Virgo, sit tight. By the eclipse, on December 25, you could be so happy about your love life, you may think you received a miracle. Also, Pluto will turn direct this month, on October , having been retrograde since April 24—Pluto will bring wonderful changes now to your love life. Babies born with this aspect tend to be more philosophical and reflective.

Mercury retrograde affects business activities, not the birth of babies. In past years, October was not usually a month for good news to arrive involving your state of financial affairs, but that was due to the seven-year placement of Uranus.

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You will be motivated, however, to look over investments to make sure they are performing as well as you expected. If you need to file an insurance claim or apply for financial aid for tuition or a bank loan to start a business or home improvement project, do so in the first days of October.

Additionally, an incident at the end of last month may have triggered your need to closely inspect your monetary picture and likely gave you the zeal to cut waste, find attractive prices for items you need, and to seek ways to bring in more money. At the full moon on October 13, you may see the financial breakthrough you had hoped to see. Money could come to you from family, from the bank as a loan, or if you are in the market for a house or condo, a mortgage. Home-related goals dazzle now and will certainly be worth investigating mid-month, from October 11 through October Everybody of every sign will have some difficulty dealing with the Sun and new moon on October With Uranus sending his glare to the Sun and new moon across the skies, it would not be the best time to travel, although it appears you will be ready to do so.

This is a time to watch and wait, not act. This would be a great time to start. A day that might bring tension on the job will be November 24 when Mars opposes Uranus precisely.

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This is a weekend date, but it has a wide area of influence, so you could see things go wrong in the days leading to it or in the days after. Staffers who report to you might not get along with each other, or a project may go off the rails, so be attentive. On this same day, November 24, Venus will conjunct Jupiter. Apparently, the universe is playing tricks on us by giving us one angry aspect expressed above—Mars opposition Uranus and a lovely four-star aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter.

In the latter case, Venus and Jupiter will meet in your seventh house of marriage, so making a commitment or promise would normally be a lovely thing to do. I worry about Mars in opposition to Uranus, however, for that is a severe aspect, so I would choose not to sign papers, no matter how special Venus conjunct Jupiter happens to be. You would be building that difficult Mars and Uranus aspect into the DNA at the birth of your venture, so enjoy this weekend day in a light way, but sign no papers.

Life is often a mixture of events, with things happening both good and not-so-good on the same day, and I suppose the planets are simply reflecting that truth. November 28 brings joyful news about money, thanks to a collaboration between Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. When money shows up, no one will be more surprised than you. Finally, November 29 brings a great day to sign papers when Saturn and Mercury work together to make your alliance lasting and profitable.

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Mercury will be retrograde most of the month, until November 20, giving you a chance to pull back and review decisions and actions you have taken over the past year. You can tweak those you feel could use a few improvements. Mercury rules your sign and also Virgo , so you are more sensitive than most to this planet when it is out of phase.

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When Mercury is retrograde, it is not the ideal time to take a new job, introduce a new product, or start a new relationship. It is a good time to attend to duties on your to-do list that you never quite got back to doing and to return to people from your past, to reconnect, whether in friendship or business. One last word—if you have been out of work a long time and you receive a job offer, take it and run with it. You can always change jobs later once you already one. The new moon of last month, October 27, was wild and wooly and may have introduced chaos in the workplace.

Someone or something may have happened to shock you. For example, perhaps a trusted worker announced a departure, or a client completely changed the direction of a project, causing a lot of backtracking. You are a mutable sign, which means you are inherently flexible, so you, more than most, will be able to adjust and decide the next steps quickly. You have time—it would be best not to pitch new clients or hire a recruit until December. Your social life, which started to bubble up with the entry of Mars to Libra on October 3, will continue to add fun and frivolity while Mars remains in Libra until November Friends have been warm and welcoming, and if you have had anything troubling you, any one of them would be willing to give you their full attention to discuss your feelings and options.

The full moon, November 12, will have you craving rest and withdrawing from the social scene over this weekend. You may be in confidential talks with your financial advisor over your investments or with your broker about a real estate matter you might be considering. Alternatively, you may find out about a secret that someone tried to conceal from you, or if you have a secret, be ready to tell others about it at this full moon. On November 24, Mars will oppose Uranus, a rather strenuous planetary clash, and may inflame tempers. People near you will be fragile, and something is likely to go wrong.

This is not a day to take a risk on any level—emotionally, financially, or physically. The new moon of November 26 will bring a partnership decision, and it is a happy time to make a commitment—do so in the ten days that follow this new moon. Many Gemini will become engaged or married at the end of November or in December, a great time to do so.

If you are already married, you may choose a new goal that you are both excited about tackling together. If this does not resonate, you may be using this new moon of November 26 to talk seriously with a business partner, agent, publicist, or another professional about making your alliance official with paperwork you can sign soon, perhaps November 29, when Mercury and Saturn are in cheerful support of your new venture.

Regarding your career, the days following November 27 will be especially bright, because Neptune, the ruler of your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, will go direct and speed forward your professional life.

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Neptune will stay direct until June 23, , so you have an open road to make a name for yourself. As the month nears an end, you will likely hear wonderful financial news, when Venus in Capricorn receives a silvery beam from surprise-a-minute Uranus, and the news seems to come from behind the scenes and involves something you never expected to happen.

With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller You will soon make an important financial decision, but arriving there seems to be making you tense. You have been learning how to manage money, how to find affordable funds to borrow when you needed them instead of taking cash advances from credit cards, and the importance of having a solid credit rating Neptune has been retrograding since June 21, and happily, this planet of vision and creativity will go direct on November This particular trend of Mercury could try your patience.

Uranus rules electronics and the moving parts in machines, and Uranus will oppose Mercury retrograde. This suggests, as one example, that you could have epic computer problems or car trouble this month, especially in the first days of November. You may want to back up all your data and system preferences now just in case you do have problems. You may have already faced such matters last month. Mercury retrograde will show you when the gears in your machines are wearing out or when the software is not behaving properly.

You could find you are toting items to the repair shop much more frequently and also returning purchases that are not the right model or size. Your schedule will open up when delays and postponements arise, and that will lead to a slightly less hectic time in November, for on those days that suddenly have nothing scheduled, you can follow your own agenda. Mars, your ruler, will remain in Libra until November 18, a trend that started last month.

This means you will go further by collaborating with the team in a friendly way. As an Aries, you usually prefer working alone, being in charge and at the helm, making all the decisions. Let others make some key choices. You may find it a welcome relief not to have to carry all the responsibilities on your shoulders all the time. You currently have Jupiter in your element, fire, a major advantage. If you have any personal goal—not career-related, as those desires will be fulfilled in the coming months—consider taking a giant step toward grasping your dream before Jupiter leaves Sagittarius on December 2.

This is doubly true if you were an Aries born April Once Mars moves into Scorpio on November 18, you will spend more money than usual.

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  6. That makes sense—the end of the year is a time most people buy presents to give family and friends at holiday time. Yet your sign will spend more than most, so you may have a big purchase planned. You can start shopping soon for things you want to give, and also any electronic items you might need for yourself. Every year I tell you to avoid Black Friday November 29 for shopping and also Cyber Monday December 2 , but this year you have an open road to pick up those glittering bargains.

    I love that on November 29, Mercury and Saturn will be in sync, indicating you or your recipient will love and keep the product a long time. On December 2, you also have sweet aspects, when Mercury and Pluto will work together—dig for the best price, and you will find it.

    A Note from Susan Miller

    The new moon of late last month, October 27, was monstrous, and there are not many other ways to describe it. Yet, not everyone felt that new moon—it fell in Scorpio, so you would have had to have a natal planet within a plus or minus five degrees of four-degrees Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo. Sometimes the eighth house rules loss of some sort, such as a financial or material matter, or the loss of someone you enjoyed in your life could be a breakup or something else or loss of a pet if your furry creature ran away.

    Again, if that were to happen, you would already know about it. A new moon marks the beginning of a process—rather than an end, brought on by full moons—so whatever came up will likely require time and attention from you to fully sort out—about six months most likely or up to a year less likely.

    Most of us need time to adjust to major changes, and that October 27 new moon, which had Uranus opposed to the Sun and new moon in Scorpio to the exact degree, had all the makings of a difficult one bent on exposing hidden information or for sending you a shocking or surprising message.

    Uranus strikes suddenly and without warning.

    sawotifytona.tk As you enter November, take things slowly as you might still be picking up the pieces of what occurred. This month, the November 12 full moon in Taurus, 20 degrees, will bring a financial matter to a close, and it will be a very positive point of the month. You might pay your college tuition, a large medical or dental bill, a tax payment, a down payment for a house or a deposit on a lease for an apartment.

    I am giving you examples here, but you get the idea. The full moon on Tuesday, November 12, will be outstandingly positive because your ruler Mars will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Jupiter is now in the fellow-fire sign of Sagittarius, another plus for you.

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    6. No matter which facet you look at for this full moon, it will be your friend and will likely deliver a lucky break. If you had applied for a raise, or if self-employed, a new project, approvals seem likely now but not earlier in the month. The same is true if you put in a claim to an insurance company—you will likely see it approved mid-month.

      Pluto will support all your efforts too, at this full moon, and that suggests a VIP will look upon you with favor, especially in terms o f financial questions. Before you arrive at the full moon, you have one outstanding day earlier, Friday, November 8, which has my vote for the best day of the month. The transiting moon will be in Aries—perfect! Also, the Sun will send a lovely signal to both Saturn and Neptune. This would be a great day to make a promise that you hope will be in place for a long time.

      I say this fully mindful that Mercury will still be retrograde until November 20, so hopefully, the promise you make is a little one, not one that is overly serious and legally binding. For that, I would wait until next month, December 15, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in sync, which is a gorgeous aspect.