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Collect the coins and toss another five times, recording the numerical values and the corresponding line each time, building your six-line hexagram from the bottom up. You may also choose to view the corresponding artwork for your given hexagram as well. The I Ching text on this site is now available in eBook form.

I Ching Astrology

Find out more and get your copy today! The many I Ching books on the market today offer an assortment of interpretations to choose from. Some translators have modernized the text, removing gender bias and archaic language. Others have elaborated on the explanations, and only roughly paraphrase the original text.

There is a range of quality in translations. It has faithfully preserved the militarism and sexism of patriarchal China going back to the time of Confucius and before, which can be confusing. Skip to content.


Previous Post: History of the I Ching. Use your right hand to divide the sticks into two groups separated by a few inches. With your right hand, take one stick from the pile on the right and place it between your ring finger and your little finger on your left hand.

Remove four sticks at a time from the pile on the left until there are four or less sticks. Remove four sticks at a time from the pile on the right until there are four or less sticks. You have either five or nine sticks in your left hand. Lay these aside. Gather the discarded sticks except the first one and divide them again as you did before.

When finished, you should have between four and eight sticks between the fingers of your left hand. Put these aside, but separate from the first pile you laid aside.

Discover how the world's oldest oracle evolved

Once again, gather the discarded sticks and divide them, ending up with either four or eight in your left hand. Now you should have three piles of sticks that came from your left hand. The first contains either five or nine sticks and the second and third piles contain either four or eight sticks. You will need to look up the numbers of sticks to see if you have a yang line a solid line or a yin line a broken line. The following is a table to determine what type of line you have:.

The old lines are important because they change into their opposites to form a second hexagram. Old lines are considered to be at the end of their cycle and starting a new one.



These are also known as moving lines. The young lines are considered to be at the start of their cycle and moderately stable. Write down your three numbers, as this is the bottom line of your hexagram. To get the other five lines, you will need to work through the process again five more times, writing down your results each time.

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Once you have the results, you will need to consult an I-Ching book for the interpretation. I-Ching has been used for thousands of years as a tool to help guide people through important phases of their lives.

Through proper usage and interpretation, I-Ching can help give you warnings, advice, and wisdom. If you'd like to ask a question one of our experts workload permitting or a helpful reader hopefully can help you We also love comments and interesting stories.

Origins of the I Ching Oracle

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The 64 I Ching Hexagrams

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