Hygeia asteroid astrology

Allow for flexibility and spontaneity to encourage new experiences. Channel frustration constructively into humanitarian projects. Endeavour to spread peace wherever you go. Let your heart be as light as a feather. There is a higher meaning. Love is healing. Astr ology Readings by Leah Whitehorse.

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Juno indicates the nature of the issues and opportunities in significant relations of all sorts: those that are of a personal nature to those of political leaders and nations of the world. Once a certain level of clarity is attained within self regarding the asteroid issues, true soul level covenant relations begin to show up. This does not mean we still do not grow regarding Juno issues, but there are those individuals with which we may also have a mutual soul bond and mission to pursue together. Juno's day is Feb 14, our Valentine's Day, during which ceremony and celebrations are performed for the those of pure true love.

February means " to make pure," "to purify. Pallas was discovered on March 28, in Germany by Heinrich W. Olbers in sidereal Virgo, close to Super Galactic Center. Pallas is oblong in shape, and is km in its average diameter, Pallas has an orbital period of 4. Pallas Athene often simply Athena , in Greek mythology, is the goddess of wisdom, born from the head of Zeus Jupiter.

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Pallas was strong-willed and would act on her own knowledge and wisdom, and preferred artful diplomacy rather than conflict, but was ready to fight if need be. Pallas is commonly called both the Warrior Woman and the Peaceful General. Egyptian war goddess Neith wearing the Deshret crown of Lower Egypt, which bears the cobra of Wadjet. Pallas expresses the artful application of creative intelligence for solution beyond duality's paradox—from beyond the judgments of one side verses the other.

Pallas invites the integration of our past experience in duality—from having been on both sides of the fence at one time or another, and to claim that experience as wisdom. She invites us to use that wisdom as a foundation to express nonjudgmental courageous solution beyond life's paradoxes created by opposing forces. Mature Pallas expresses from the balance of the masculine and feminine principles, from a unified awareness. She is applier and defender of social justice, and accepts personal responsibility for having co-created one's experience; i.

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Pallas implores us to look at the apparent paradoxes occurring in our own lives as reflective, like a mirror, of that which is occurring within in our selves. Pallas imparts the expression of intellect in craft and inventiveness, and an ability to link, unify and bring pieces together. She imparts wonderful perceptual and organizational skills and a capacity for pattern recognition, strategic planning and public relations.

Pallas often has a prominent placement in the charts of artists and political reformists. These strikingly-detailed views reveal four of the millions of rocky bodies in the main asteroid belt.


Clockwise from top left, the asteroids are 29 Amphitrite, Bamberga, 2 Pallas, and 89 Julia. Pallas is about km wide, the third largest asteroid in the main belt. Image Release date: December 4, Press Release. It can also express as righteousness, judgment and invalidation of opposite or alternative views, lashing out with a vengeance. Pallas issues can express as an imbalance in the masculine and feminine aspects of self, such as sexual imbalances, dyslexic and perceptual problems. Pallas significantly effects emotional and physical equilibrium.

Pallas Imbalances can also expesss symptoms such as righteousness and self-importance; judgement and invalidation of opposite or alternative views, arrogance, fear of success, cowardice, inability to discern, rejection of honor or credit. Pallas teaches us to participate beyond judgment of this side verses that; beyond victim consciousness. Pallas asks us to claim the wisdom from our past experience in duality, no matter what it was, and to use that experiential wisdom as a foundation of strength to express from.

Pallas asks for artistic expression of our creative intelligence for solution beyond duality's paradox. Her sisters included Panakeia Panacea cure-all and Iaso remedy.

She was the Greek goddess of good health. Hygiea has a noticeably oblate spheroid shape. It has a 5. Her slight inclination and slower rotational period impart a softer, harmonizing and more stabilizing astrological influence.

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Her rotational period creates an extremely low resonant long-wave frequency ELF of 0. It translates to This wavelength is also quite close to one of Hydrogen's delta frequencies.

follow url Ref: Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectrum Harmonics. Hygiea was opposite Chariklo.

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Ceres image by Dawn - December 9, Pallas Athene Public Domain. Hygiea 10 Hygiea Hygeia is the 10th asteroid discovered and the forth largest of the main asteroids. You are keen to live a healthy lifestyle, and initiate fitness programs. You are impatient to overcome your illnesses. Ill health may be a sign that you need to slow down. Your comfort and good health are important. You are apt to become ill when you are not moving forward in other areas of your life. You are keen to gather knowledge on health. Mental health, and the links between mind and body, may have featured in your life.

Your health may be closely linked to your home environment. Any disruptions in the home may spark bouts of ill health. Health is highlighted in your life. When your life becomes disorganised, your health suffers.