December 2019 sagittarius moon sign horoscope

In this period , it might be possible that your child concentration might be lacking or will power or courage might also be on lower note and in this period , your child demands more attention from your side for your child betterment.

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However in other periods, you will get better child happiness this year. Some of you might get some good news in relation to your child in period from 6 Feb To 22 Mar Overall, by taking better care and giving proper time to your child will overcome difficulties in relation to your child. As far as initial education is concerned, whole year is such that there will be need to give more time to your studies. Concentration will be on and off this year which will affect your studies. Your will power will also be on lower side and there will be need to pump up yourself and go ahead.

Negative thoughts will grip your mind which will affect studies. Year will be like that even by your hard efforts , results in studies will not be up to that level which you might be wanting and only solution to it will be to put sincere efforts in studies without thinking of results. By your efforts, some positivity will be expected in period from 5 Nov To 31 Dec but overall, you had to put in sincere efforts in studies to overcome difficulties this year in relation to initial studies.

As far as higher studies are concerned , this are the periods where there will be more need to put more efforts for better results and that are :. However in rest of the periods, time will be quite good in order to go higher in higher studies. Some of you might get good news in relation to higher studies in period from 6 Feb To 22 Mar Those who are planning to go abroad for higher studies might get opportunity in period from 6 Feb To 22 Mar , 26 Dec To 31 Dec As far as health matters are concerned , this are the periods in which there is more need to take care of your health and that are :.

In above period, it do not mean that you will remain ill but this is the period where there will be more need to take better care of your health. In this period, you had to keep your diet better and do not neglect that such that you remain healthy. Persons who are suffering from diabetes, cholesterol, obesity should take better care of health in above mentioned period.

There will be need to avoid negative thoughts from your mind for better health. Recite Vishnu shestranaam on Thursday for better health prospects and those who are already ill should take medications on time to remain healthy. As far as marital life is concerned, this are the periods that will be good for marital life and that are:. However, in rest of the periods there will be need to avoid all those things that can make marital life problematic for you.

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There will be need to have better communication to avoid mis To understandings in marital life. There will be need to take collective decisions and avoid aggression too such that marital happiness do not get broken. For unmarried , this are the periods in which some of you might get marital proposals and that are :. As far as career matters are concerned, this are the periods that will be good for professional life and that are:.

However, in rest of the periods, work pressures will build for you and there will be need to avoid all that things that can put pressures on to your job. Balancing between personal and professional will be the key for happiness for you. Privacy and security are on your mind, and you're working through emotions as the moon connects with Mars—it's a powerful time to let the past go.

You're in a chatty mood today thanks to the moon in Gemini. The moon connects with your ruling planet Mars, finding you in a good spirits though maybe a little competitive!

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The moon in Gemini illuminates the financial sector of your chart today, Taurus, and its connection with action planet Mars finds you in an especially productive mood. It's an excellent time to tackle your responsibilities—and get paid! The moon is in your sign today, GeminI, so make time to nourish yourself! Today, that means enjoying the chase in your love life, expressing your creativity, and having some rowdy fun as the moon connects with fiery Mars.

Your intuition is especially sharp today as the moon in Gemini connects with fiery Mars. As the moon connects with the planet of war, recognize your own rage—it's normal and human, so forgive yourself for being angry and find healthy ways to blow off steam. You have fantastic connections, know all the gossip, and are connected to so many communities, dear Leo. Today is an especially busy time in your social life as the moon in Gemini connects with fiery Mars! No one does your job better than you, Virgo, and you're especially productive today as the moon in Gemini makes a harmonious connection with the planet of strength, Mars.

Check your blood pressure levels regularly. Throat or chest related problems are possible after September To avoid stress, stop overthinking over petty issues. Sagittarius, your horoscope speaks of less traveling as the year starts. After March , you would travel more frequently, yet take care of your health.

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Planning a pilgrimage after April would help you relax. Chances of traveling with friends for pleasure seem less. Your horoscope indicates a trip abroad with family. Sagittarius, traveling for work seems to rise after September A religious journey with your parents is on the cards around the end of Sagittarius, your horoscope shows a rough time for your family relations.

Speak softly, as arguments are possible near February Speak wisely and thoughtfully. Handle sensitive issues diplomatically. Financial disputes are possible within your family. Thus, stay calm. Sagittarius, your horoscope denotes a possible land related issue near mid Your mother might not support you. Some relief is likely through the support from your siblings near September Planning a religious trip with your parents this year would improve your relations with them.

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Sagittarius, nature of your children seems happy and cordial in Success in exams and competitions is quite likely. Your horoscope suggests you take care of their health after June They might face some confusion related to selection of subjects. Some stress is possible, as expenses on their education seem to rise. Sagittarius, your dream to send them abroad for further studies might come true near September The horoscope looks promising for getting admission in school or college of their choice through hard work and sincere efforts.

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