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Scorpio and Sagittarians are both very mystical and scientific Star signs. This means that they have a special awareness of what is going on around them. They love to debate and their confidence may come across as being argumentative. However, while their directness can make them seem blunt, they are just trying to get into the core of the discussion. Natural comics, they are high-spirited and enthusiastic.

They can be flirtatious, while being possessive in their own relationships. They tend to enjoy social life immensely. The great strength of Scorpio-Sagittarius is how they are so determined to see things right through to the end. They will not succumb to boredom to stop them completing projects. This means that they have total commitment in everything they do. Their great love of information and research makes them one of the most learned and knowledgeable characters of the Zodiac.

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Click here to find out your true Sun Sign Opens another page on this website. I was born November 23rd. I always referred to my self as a SAG with Scorpio tendencies. This makes so much sense! Same here. I was born on 20th of Nov. Always reading and sharing information. My husband thinks that I know everything, lol not in a good way.

Usually I like to get to the core of the problems. I like to be honest and talk before I think. I feel like we are more related to Sagittarius, rather than Scorpio, but I guess it depends on the other planets.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

Usually Venus and Mars are close to the Sun, especilly Venus, so most of us will have a Venus more likely either in Scorpio or in Sagittarius, therefore depending on that , we ca say that we have more Sag or Scorpio traits. Also depending on Venus, we can say whether we will be attracted mostly to water and earth or to fire signs. I believe that most of us will prefer not to be attracted to air signs mainly because of their flickery personality, but also depends on the other planets.

It is! And a scorpion sag is THE most complicated one. Bdw, it feels great to connect with so many of PPL like me, who can understand n feel the way we r!

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But mostly misunderstood! Reading and learning has also always been a passion of mine, i cant help it, i find something interesting and it sets me off abosrbing everything on the subject i can find, some would say obsessively. Thanks and awesome article.

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I was born right in the middle of the night between the two months, it is so true every words is so true about me, I am so rebellious, always love to debate and get into the core of discussion, I am able to sense things, but I guess is is annoying for my surrounding, they think I am a big show off, I can not help my self… lol Specially when there is discussion over serious matters. Sometimes, I feel it is difficult to live and be around the people that does not feel and think as I do. I do not know I love the way I am and it is a precious gift, but it has its own difficulties to deal with.

I just wanted him to tell me.

But its too late now.. The laughter of these cuspians is a direct barometer of their mental health. If there is no merriment within the first few minutes of conversation, then it can generally be assumed that something is awry. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of this cusp can use cutting sarcasm and derision, not only to make a laughingstock of their enemies, but to give even their dearest friends a good poke in the ribs every now and again.

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In this respect, they tend to operate with something of a double standard since they do not take kindly to being derided themselves, perceiving such teasing as an attempt to humiliate. Thus, an individual will never be given a second opportunity to be condescending to natives of this cusp. Moral questions are important to these cuspians. They strive to be honest but sometimes fail. They believe in being truthful but frequently cannot measure up to their own standards. Still, these subjects are blessed with undeniable charm and their well-meaning, faithful and loyal attitudes will usually lead those who love them to be forgiving.

Natives of this cusp tend to be concerned with the deeper and more focused aspect of learning.

November 23 Zodiac Sign

They are versatile and progressive, but can oftentimes be impatient and pushy…particularly if something is not getting accomplished in the manner they want. Anyone who would wish to change the mind of this cuspian will undoubtedly meet with trouble because it is never certain exactly what the motiviation might be.

Interested in thought and outreach, these are normally intensely powerful, good-humoured and generous souls. Prone to respond to the world courtesy of emotion and action instead of thoughtful practicality, they would rather experience life than read about it. They can appear irresponsible or tactless on occasion but are basically motivated and loyal individuals.

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Broad-minded and enthusiastic, there is a tendency here to speak before thinking. A cusp combination of great depth, its natives, many of whom are blessed with a daring an adventurous nature, enjoy travel and spiritual study. These individuals aspire to rise above the ordinary world into something quite extraordinary, but their suspicion and jealousy can serve to pull them down.

Cusp Signs Compatibility

Still, they do possess passion and awareness that could prove to be saving graces in that regard. Indeed, many are natural comedians, often exaggerating their adventures to entertain others. They are also fond of competition. Seldom satisfied with moving at half-speed or softening their abilities to allow those with lesser skills to beat them, personal challenges are always appreciated. They are apt to prefer solitary or one-on-one sports that will stretch them to the limit…skydiving or big game fishing, for example. They are also likely to be rather lucky souls and probably enjoy gambling, while the philosophical aspect of their character denotes a fondness for drama and debate.

They refuse to allow boredom to turn them away from projects and are committed to accomplishing what they set out to do. The philosophical and exploratory nature of these natives makes it important to live life to the fullest while experiencing everything they can.