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As a Scorpio woman, you need to remember that the Gemini man does not like being too direct, they are airy after all. They need to discuss what they are thinking freely without being asked specific questions. This will enable them to believe that they have the freedom. Your Gemini man will be easy go lucky, happy, childlike, fun and charming. The problem with this is that you may be looking for something deeper. The main problem is that may need a partner who will show you more deepness that you need on the right level. The element of Gemini is which is ruled by Mercury and it is the third sign in the astrology calendar.

As the birthday of Gemini falls in the springtime it is connected to colorful and lively childhood tendencies. Gemini is typically outgoing, they are adaptable and respond well to different environments. The Gemini man can also be rather cunning. They have excellent communications and thrive in environments where they are the leader of the conversation. He is very well liked by others which may annoy you.

Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility -

They are normally popular and well liked. Geminis are generally very talkative and very curious about life. The problem here, in terms of compatibility, is that they can get easily bored with the Scorpio female - this is why it is SUPER important to keep him guessing in life. The Scorpio women can be too emotional and this may result in conflict. The Gemini twins may finally at some point understand that they will get aggressive with their Scorpio partner when she tries to control more and more.

This will not sit well with her, because Scorpio is not bothered whatsoever with aggression - The Scorpio women fear nothing! In terms of compatibility, the Gemini-Scorpio compatibility will require both to fully understand each other and then the relationship will last. When does the relationship fail?

Scorpios hold an intense personality which makes the Gemini become intrigued by her secret control and demands. Gemini is far too much of a changer. She needs complete commitment and even marriage. The Gemini man likes to feel freedom and glitters in any social situation. People just love to be with him! In this sense, the Scorpio women will feel like she wants alone time with him and this could be when they do split it is because he is too wild socially.

Compatibility - Gemini Women And Scorpio Man : The Gemini woman can sometimes not tolerate the control of the scorpion man that is the only downside of the relationship. The Gemini woman is not that emotional she normally falls in love with a man who is stable and established. As soon as they meet there is a connection.

The scorpion man lures the Gemini woman into a world of mystery. They are opposites in many different ways, and this makes her want to spend more and more time with him! The problem with this relationship is that her Scorpio man will get rather possessive if he does not know what she is doing.

Therefore, if the relationship works the Gemini women needs to understand that she must try to make him trust her. Once trust is lost then there is complete jealousy. You must know that the relationship will survive if there is complete balance in social life. What do the Gemini Women need to know about the Scorpio Man? It could mean that he will seem to take away her dreams and often threaten to leave the relationship if she does not do as he wishes.

The Scorpio man does not like boredom or being tied to a situation. He rather is doing something sitting at home watching television. If you are a Gemini woman and you are focused on your own home Scorpio man may not be the homemaker that you need. Therefore, it might be wise to allow him to have his freedom and don't expect him to do too much around the house. Life makes no sense to me right now. I pray that we find each other someday. I know ur looking for me too.

I can feel it. Am so happy for this great new……anyway money is not everything. Just as I was about to swear off all Gemini men, I ended up in a wonderful relationship with a man that has the same Birthday as I do.

Gemini and Gemini Table of Contents

His flirting can drive me nuts. This article describes this match really well. I love this. After all, we are two Geminis. Was always kind of afraid to get with a Gemini guy, but this article gives me new hope. I find this article very interesting. I grew up with my cousin next door, across small field. They moved back next door while we were both 8 months old.

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We grew up together in every way she was closer to me than my own brother and sisters. We were so naught always up to all kinds of michief, from breaking into huts of men who were working hard all day on roads and taking their jam sandwiches and sticking stones inside,, we would hide behind bush and watch them try to eat.

We got caught and had such serious trouble from our parents, which deterred us for small while until we found more trouble. Then when I was 8 years of age she was mowed down off road by very well known woman with plenty of connections who was on contail of drugs, my mum and sister were also hit in this accident. Thankfully they survived but my cousin died.

I was empty from that time on, the recklessness that was already inside of me became stronger and stronger. In my early twenties I thought I fell in love I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy. Although this relationship had been for 6 yrs with a Satigarius once our son was born the violence and passion wore out and I realised I needed to get away. When my son was 3 I met an eastern european man in unusual circumstances, instantly we had a very strong bond, he has reared my son, from 3 years of age, in August my son be 11, his only dad his ever known.

His gemini, in some strange way I feel like he completes me, its part of me thats been missing since my cousin died, I love him, we are marrying in July which has me wrapped in knots. I will be with him forever if I cannot explain connection, on some plane of my mind I feel he was sent to me to help through my ups and downs and some unforseen force binds us together yet we are not passionate for each other but bound in someway that I just cannot explain.

Thanks if u managed to read all of this. I am still somewhat infatuated by the idea of spending time with my Gemini friend but I realise that it probably was just a temporary thing given the background of the situation. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Like 7. Share this. Kathie September 22nd, Like 0. Fancy September 12th, Emily August 13th, Arthur jacobs June 30th, Connie July 14th, Good luck Like 0.

Mar July 17th, So is mine! Arthur jacobs July 17th, Bri April 23rd, He can get it.

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Gemini Sexual Compatibility: Fast-Talking and Adaptable in Bed

Rawr xD Like 0. Eric April 23rd, She iiigghhhhtt Like 0. Sunaina Thattarath March 26th, Mapulane March 17th, Mark Mitchell March 11th, Anastasia August 24th, Elaine August 19th, This description of the Gemini couple is sooo accurate!!

Marissa August 17th, Harley July 15th, Annie September 2nd, Grace February 4th, This is on the money! Jordan herring January 9th, Curios June 1st, Flower Blodgett December 27th, Julie October 7th, Billy R Grubbs August 20th, Elliena July 22nd, Nicole June 13th, Rick June 12th, Alexia June 12th, The beloved, playful Gemini is in for the experience of a lifetime if he or she partners with another Gemini woman or man. The twins have so much going for them, and truly understanding each other is the best of it. You are a world apart from other signs behavior and needs-wise.

Finding the ideal person to share your life with is no easy feat, but if your path is leading to a fellow Gemini you can be confident you are on the right track.

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The Gemini Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

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